The Only NATURAL Holistic  Day Spa in Port Credit providing Skincare and Body

Holistic Day Spa Skin Care  Body Care

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 The Only Holistic Day-Spa Port Credit

​Vital Body Works offers holistic facials and body treatments in Port Credit  combining  advanced techniques from around the world.  

French Country Inspired 

​When you first step through our doors, our hand-picked elements- : marble, rustic painted wood, the music and holistic serums will transport you to a new and calmer state of mind.

 The  Only  Holistic  Day Spa  in Port  Credit ... Vital Body Works

Holistic Facial and Body Treatments

 Skin Tightening Facials RF,  Micro current Acupuncture Facials,  Collagen Induction, Oxygen, Diamond Derma brasion, Body Contouring, Sculpting, Infrared, Lymphatic Drainage, Vibration therapy, and  LED Light Therapy.