What We Do

Leave the hustle, and bustle of your life and enter into your own little sanctuary of pure bliss. Vital Body Works is a holistic day spa , inspired  for those who seek an ethereal experience of relaxation, located in the heart of  Port Credit. Renowned for its intimate, unpretentious and outstanding service. Vital Body Works holistic approach to beauty is to reach for the Gold Standard when it comes to the nature of healthy skin. Vital Body Works in Port Credit Holistic Medi Spa For Skin and Body in Port Credit Therapist in Port Credit

Our Holistic  Day Spa

We take pride in delivering exceptional services at a fair price believing maintenance is a necessity not a luxury . Each treatment is fully customized for your unique skin condition and our protocols for you will always change to match the state .   We are artisans when it comes to the compounding of serums and our hand made masks using only the best in advanced skin ingredients.

Holistic Medi Spa For Skin and Body in Port Credit

After I received my facial from Vital Body Works I noticed my hyper pigmentation by 40% was reduced my eyes were brighter and skin tighter and felt lifted.

Alex F

Client Testimonials

 I did a body detox and infra-red treatment after that and a type of stone acupressure. My body feels lighter, I have more energy and I am more driven and focused in what I want to achieve. This place is not only body changing its life changing !

Katy W

Meet Our Staff

Being a therapist is just a job for some, but for our staff the healing arts are a calling. Each and every individual you meet at VitalBodyWorks is dedicated and committed to our clients' health and well being there are no exceptions.

The Only NATURAL Holistic  Day Spa in Port Credit providing Skincare and Body